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Women Circle

The fourth circle of the 1000 Abrahamic Circles, the “Abraham’s Daughters” emphasizes

on the role and significance of women in religion and society. Each circle member is able to

demonstrate great participation and cooperation with the 1000 Abrahamic Circle program. As

the circle members are faced with the difference from being a majority to becoming a minority

religious group. Meeting people with differing worldviews, they were able to build ties with

each other as shown through their friendship and sisterhood by the end of the journey. During

the journey, circle members were able to witness the prayer service and everyday life of the

other two Abrahamic religions, creating a safe space for an open dialogue and thus establishing

mutual respect.

The result of the Circle Interview shows how, for the most part, circle members came to more

than an understanding of the other two religious identities other than their own, but also found

strength and empowerment in their commonality and struggle as a woman, wife, mother, and

daughter. Presumably, the close age gap between the circle members made it easy for them to

communicate and to be more empathetic towards each other, their educational and scholarly

careers also allowed them to systematically complement each other in their discussion.

Consequently, as part of their profession and struggle as a woman in the male-dominated

“identity”, they have grown to be more empathetic to share their new understandings to each’s

congregants to demystify age-old stereotypes including their concerns on the age-old misogynist


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