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Circle 6 Public Discussion: Empowering Youth for a Tolerant Tomorrow

Circle 6 Public Discussion:

Empowering Youth for a Tolerant Tomorrow

This discussion was held on Friday, October 13th 2023


Habib Husein Ja’far Al-Hadar

Ustadz From Jakarta, Indonesia

Rabbi Sjimon Den Hollander

Rabbi From New York, United States

Father Antonio Do Balino Do Carmo

Pastor From Dili, Timor-Leste



Audric Rizki

Director of 1000 Abrahamic Circles Project



According to a study conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace in 2021, found that young people are more likely to hold intolerant views than older individuals. Furthermore, in other parts of the world, young people become the primary perpetrators in interfaith conflict and issues of intolerance. This is attributable to numerous factors and reasons; besides environmental influences, education can also be a significant contributing factor. On the other hand, young people are also the primary victims of interfaith conflict and intolerance across the globe, experiencing a wide range of negative impacts ranging from mental harm to loss of life.


Young people have faced numerous negative consequences from religious conflicts and intolerance, whether as perpetrators or victims, which has made them more resilient and aware of this issue. Therefore, religious leaders need to be concerned and involved in this matter, offering solutions and acting as peacemakers among the affected groups, particularly at the grassroots and local levels. We recognize that young people have an advantage in social media, and this can be effectively utilized as a platform for promoting peace and tolerance.


Language: English and Indonesia

Total Participants: 180 participants (In-Person)


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