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Recommend a Candidate

Be an active supporter of our program by recommending a circle candidate! 
You could share your recommendation by filling out the Candidate Recommendation Form below. 

Important note

  • Submission of a recommendation does not equal participation in the Circle. The recommended candidates will be subjected to a selection process by the Secretariat. Only selected participants will be contacted by The Secretariat.

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions before you submit the recommendation.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Participants must have a minimum age of 25 years old; with a maximum 60 years old of age for participation.

  • The candidates must have a valid passport and/or other documents to travel.

  • Candidates must be physically and mentally fit to join the intensive three-weeks interfaith-travel program.

  • The candidates must participate in the entire Circle program and its related activities according to the full length of the itinerary with the total duration of 3 weeks.

  • The chosen candidates must agree and fully commit to hosting the other circle members of the 1000 AC project who come from different Abrahamic faiths (Christian, Islam, and Judaism) and different countries of concern. 

  • The chosen candidates must be active in the planning of the Circle activities in each respective host community. Such planning may entail, but not limited to, the formulation of itinerary within their host communities, your own visa arrangement as assisted by the Secretariat, transport and accommodation arrangement, Local Guide selection, participation in the 1000 Abrahamic Circles related research and ensuring that Private Discussions are held between Circle Members at least three times within the Hosted week.

  • By submitting the form, both the referee and the recommended candidate agree to accept the Terms and Condition of the selection process. 

Candidate Personal Details

Referee Personal Details

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