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Painted Perfectly

Imagine a beautiful painting with color diversity

Neglect differences, they combined perfectly

The brush keep etching,

Eager to show their eternal beauty

Realize that we are those colors

Forever side by side, life with a variety of religions and beliefs

Among these vary, we stand in the name of humanity

Integrated, tied, face the intolerance and enmity

Together we share cultural and social values

Harmonizing delightfully from the richness

How? How is Cathedral and Istiqlal standing bravely?

Around the city, they speak for reality

Respect each others colors will be the key

Maintaining solidarity, maintaining harmony

Once we are together, is there anyone brighter?

No, we don't want to compete, but we one painted beautifully 

You and I, youth and adults are the composer of this beauty in diversity


This poem speaks about the essential points to achieve interfaith harmony especially in the writer's country, Indonesia, who has variety in religion, beliefs, and other aspects of life. This poem is written in an acrostic style where every sentence starts with INTERFAITH HARMONY to symbolize the main objective of living in a diverse environment. The writer chose a painting to symbolize harmony. As we know, painting consists of many different colors and it can be a masterpiece when combined together.


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