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The Tricky Duality of Having A Religion


Cause of designated behavior to devote

to believe

and to worship

For a certain uncertain being

Full of so-called inhuman abilities

One may ask,

Is it a freedom to choose?

Or frankly speaking,

Is it an obligation to choose?


Full of so-called blessings

From a certain uncertain being

Designated to us, lowly creature

Then, I asked

Does it grant a sense of liberty?

Or barrier

Maybe, having a rope to hang on to?

Or a rope to be hanged on

Ah! A necklace of symbolism?

Or dog’s choker

Open your eyes and look at the news, sleepy heads.

People suffered in cells for their beliefs

Buildings got demolished for being a part of minorities

So-called sacred books got burnt for being sacred

Even to the extent where countries throw each other missiles

Really, religion gives their believers hope and tranquility

But say, what becomes of the others?

“Oh sweetie, you have chosen the wrong side, haven’t you?”

“And darling, shan’t you perish for our greater good?”

Lord, is this religion?

The so-called full of blessings

From a certain uncertain being

With inhuman abilities

For us,

Pathetic dogs who devote to a master

Choked with the word, religion

Oh, pitiful,

Pitiful little world

Full of diversity

If human won’t wake up and tolerate heterogeneity,

Shan’t by now, children would start to question,

“Oh mother, should we really choose sides?”

“And father, why do I feel threatened after praying?”


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