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1000 Abrahamic Circles Project is an independent and grassroots international interfaith peace effort that aims to bring together Abrahamic faith leaders from three different countries on a journey to each other’s community. By directly observing each other’s way of life and socializing with members of the community, we hope to demystify age-old stereoptypes. To create measurable impact including increasing religious literacy, empathy and a sense of mutual respect, not just tolerance, not just among leaders, but also among their congregation and eventually everyone.

Our circle journey facilitates leaders of Abrahamic religions—Priests, Rabbis, and Ustadz—from different countries to embark on a three-week journey to each other's hometowns, directly observing their way of life. This experience aims to foster understanding and mutual respect. Our program is designed to create positive and long-term impacts, serving as an innovative solution to traditional interfaith models. The ultimate objective is to measurably increase religious literacy, empathy, and mutual respect among the Circle Members, their followers, and the wider global community. 

Endorsements & Testimonies

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“The Indonesian Government has always believed that interfaith cooperation is critical to world peace and as such, the Indonesian Government has always actively promoted interfaith exchanges and cooperation. The 1000 Abrahamic Circles program offers a fresh and innovative peace-building idea to turn ignorance and prejudice to engagement and mutual respect through a real-life interactive process on the ground involving grassroots leaders of the religious faith of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. I find it particularly useful that this program intends to engage countries of concern both in the developed and developing world. I believe that the successful implementation of 1000 Abrahamic Circles would have a significant impact on a volatile world which is in dire need of greater harmony and tolerance.”

Drs. H. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla

Former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia

Jakarta, 7 November 2018

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